Bronze service



  • Carry out initial road test
  • Check seat belts operation and mountings
  • Fit seat cover and wing bubble wrap
  • Check handbrake operation and lever security, adjust and lubricate as needed
  • Check battery connection and lubricate
  • Inspect and clean spark plugs
  • Check distributor cap, ignition leads and low tension wires for damage
  • Inspect coil connections
  • Check condition of plug shrouds (if applicable)
  • Check connections of engine sensors
  • Check drive belts condition, adjust/change if required
  • Check air cleaner element clean or replace as needed
  • Check the condition of the engine mounting rubbers
  • Check throttles and linkage operation and lubricate
  • Check engine breather/hoses for security and condition
  • Check/adjust/lubricate all hinges and doors, boot and bonnet locks/catches
  • Remove all road wheels
  • Clean hubs and apply anti-seize compound
  • Inspect brake callipers for leaks
  • Inspect discs for wear and cracks
  • Inspect flexible hoses for condition
  • Remove front & rear brake pads and check for deterioration, wear and cracks
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check gearbox oil
  • Check diff oil
  • Check condition of steering joints, rack gaiters, ball joints and wishbone bushes
  • Check all wheel bearings
  • Check for fluid leaks from hydraulic pipes and unions
  • Inspect fuel pipes
  • Inspect fuel swirl pot
  • Check pas fluid level
  • Check all suspension fixings for security
  • Check anti-roll bar drop link rubbers for wear
  • Visually check complete underside of vehicle for faults/abnormalities
  • Check security of starter motor wiring connection
  • Check the power steering fluid (where applicable)
  • Inspect gearbox & diff mounting
  • Visually inspect chassis for corrosion and cracks
  • Inspect and advise engine oil leaks
  • Check cooling system for leaks, hoses for security
  • Check coolant level and anti-freeze concentration
  • Check cooling fans operation
  • Torque rear hub nuts
  • Check/adjust tyre pressures (inc spare)
  • Check tyres for correct spec and damage
  • Check road wheels for damage and rotation refit to original position
  • Check headlights & auxiliary lights
  • Check/top up windscreen washers and check wiper blade condition
  • Road test the vehicle
  • Clean exterior and interior of vehicle and stamp service book


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