Electric power steering


This product is an all inclusive price. NO VAT

Full electronic kit, a must for us older drivers.

Power Steering develops a metal mounting frame for each type of car. For the prototype, this frame is bent, drilled and welded by hand (just the frame, not the car!) after which the final design is placed on the computer by a CAD drawing. Then the frame is laser cut and set at the correct angles. The final frame then has several adjustment options to accommodate the large tolerances in classic cars. The input and output shafts have the original external spline joints at the ends, allowing the use of the original steering wheel and steering rack. The other side of the shafts have internal splines that connect to the power steering unit. This ensures reliable confirmation at all times. The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and torsion sensor, which control the degree of excitation, are modified by us to perfectly match the steering character for which we develop the kit. Modern ECUs work with CAN (Controller Area Network) bus data signals that are not present in a classic car. For this purpose, EZ Electric Power Steering has developed an interface that mimics the engine speed, speed signal and steering angle from the CANbus and thus controls the ECU. The speed signal can be realized artificially, via GPS or by a speed adapter on the odometer.


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