Adrian and Andy and their team pulled out all the stops to help my good lady and I present our cherished Tuscan Mk1, the star of the show, at the RM Sgt mess 'Casino Royale' themed summer ball in Plymouth. As with anything military, timing was of the essence, and I was given no quarter for delay. The interior of the car was looking a little tired, so in order to show her at her best I chose to give her a "make over" - my wife's current, favourite, phrase of the day.

After reading the reviews, and thanks to all you passionate TVR folk for taking the time to write them, I phoned Adrian to ask if he could meet a tight deadline and have the car ready for a specific date.
Not only did Adrian say yes, he said he "would relish the challenge" (very rare to hear these days), and boy did I give him one! What started off as an interior make over ended up a full re-carpet, full leather interior, doors, roof, front-end repaint, wheel refurb and caliper paint.

After driving the car up from Sussex I met Andy (on his day off) and we sat in the car and went over things in minute detail. Once Andy was happy that I was happy he drove me to the station. Top bloke Andy! Over a matter of a few weeks, and against all the odds, these boys proved themselves to be true TVR enthusiasts and dedicated professionals. The end result: let the
pictures speak for themselves.

A massive thanks guys :)

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